Top 25 Trending KiCad Repositories

Top 25 KiCad RepositoriesThis is a list of the top 25 trending repositories by Github star count containing KiCad schematic files.
NameDescriptionStars in last 2 weeksStars
lunaa USB multitool + nMigen framework for monitoring, hacking, and developing USB devices40.0500
discipline65% keyboard assembled with only through hole components, including usb type-c18.0647
hackrflow cost software radio platform18.04034
redox-keyboardErgonomic split mechanical keyboard14.0922
nrfmicroPro Micro-compatible Bluetooth 5.2 board with Li-Po charger and USB-C (nRF52840-based)13.0555
Lily586×4+4keys column-staggered split keyboard.10.0608
tornTorn keyboard9.0234
RASCSIEnglish version of the Raspberry Pi SCSI interface board "RaSCSI". This allows a Raspberry Pi to function as an emulated hard disk and/or CD-ROM for vintage Macintosh computers.9.0162
teensy-eurorackEurorack shield for teensy 4.1 with 14 in / 16 out analog channels8.0119
Hub16A macro pad with 16 keys, two rotary encoders, a four port USB hub, and plenty of LEDs!8.0218
epdiyEPDiy is a driver board for affordable e-Paper (or E-ink) displays.7.0356
espusbSoftware-only ESP8266 USB Device7.01081
lumberjack-keyboard5x12 ortholinear through-hole component keyboard PCB for standard 60% cases7.0101
LabradorEspoTek Labrador is a USB device that transforms your PC or smartphone into a fully-featured electronics lab. This repo holds all of the source code!7.0901
kicad-source-mirrorThis is an active mirror of the KiCad development branch, which is hosted at GitLab (updated every time something is pushed). Pull requests on GitHub are not accepted or watched.6.0960
mysteriumTKL keyboard that can be entirely assembled using only through hole components, including usb type-c6.0328
diyBMSv4Version 4 of the diyBMS6.0430
iaq_boardIAQ Board is a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) device for measuring internal air quality6.0142
Castor_and_PolluxA Juno-inspired dual oscillator6.0350
tigardAn FTDI FT2232H-based multi-protocol tool for hardware hacking6.0216
rf-sig-genMAX2871 based RF Signal Generator in an Adafruit Feather Form Factor6.018
opentitanOpenTitan: Open source silicon root of trust6.01003
KlipperToolboardA 3D printer tool head controller board6.0108

Table updated on 2021-08-01.