Top 25 Trending KiCad Repositories

Top 25 KiCad RepositoriesThis is a list of the top 25 trending repositories by Github star count containing KiCad schematic files.
NameDescriptionStars in last 2 weeksStars
Adafruit_Learning_System_GuidesPrograms and scripts to display "inline" in Adafruit Learning System guides10.0540
hackrflow cost software radio platform10.04134
opentitanOpenTitan: Open source silicon root of trust8.01060
djinnDjinn Split Keyboard7.0175
nrfmicroPro Micro-compatible Bluetooth 5.2 board with Li-Po charger and USB-C (nRF52840-based)7.0591
discipline65% keyboard assembled with only through hole components, including usb type-c6.0680
neurolab-hardwareNeurolab Hardware6.01438
pslab-test-jigPSLab Test Jig - Boards to test PSLab hardware https://pslab.io5.01414
Voron-HardwareCool Hardware designed by the Voron Design group5.0181
lumberjack-keyboard5x12 ortholinear through-hole component keyboard PCB for standard 60% cases5.0127
pslab-hardwarePSLab Hardware Design and Schematics https://pslab.io5.01491
espusbSoftware-only ESP8266 USB Device4.01106
dracuLadQMK-powered 34-36 key split keyboard4.077
KlipperToolboardA 3D printer tool head controller board4.0129
orangecrab-hardwareECP5 breakout board in a feather physical format4.0333
HadesFCSComplete flight control system designed from scratch. Hardware designed with KiCad.4.0397
OLINUXINOOLINUXINO is Open Source / Open Hardware, low cost from EUR 24 Linux Industrial grade Single Board Computer capable to operate -25+85C3.01122
Lily586×4+4keys column-staggered split keyboard.3.0646
ErgoDoxErgoDox Mechanical Keyboard pcb & acrylic case3.0263
dsi-shieldArduino MIPI DSI Shield3.0365
echomodsOpen source ultrasound processing modules and building blocks3.0223
RASCSIEnglish version of the Raspberry Pi SCSI interface board "RaSCSI". This allows a Raspberry Pi to function as an emulated hard disk and/or CD-ROM for vintage Macintosh computers.3.0193
lunaa USB multitool + nMigen framework for monitoring, hacking, and developing USB devices3.0540

Table updated on 2021-09-26.