Top 25 Trending EAGLE Repositories

Top 25 Eagle RepositoriesThis is a list of the top 25 trending repositories by Github star count containing EAGLE schematic files.
NameDescriptionStars in last 2 weeksStars
daytripperHide-My-Windows Laser Tripwire64.03063
Adafruit_Learning_System_GuidesPrograms and scripts to display "inline" in Adafruit Learning System guides10.0538
cartreaderA shield for the Arduino Mega that can back up video game cartridges.9.0739
kmk_firmwareClackety Keyboards Powered by Python8.0291
USB_Laptop_Keyboard_ControllerDetails for building a USB keyboard controller from a laptop keyboard.6.0188
lalboardA 3D-printed keyboard inspired by the DataHand6.0539
Expandable-6-Channel-ESP32-Energy-MeterHardware & Software documentation for the CircuitSetup Expandable 6 Channel ESP32 Energy Meter5.0198
RadioMusicVirtual Radio module for Eurorack4.0255
IndyMillOpen Source DIY Metal CNC Machine3.047
ediabaslib.NET BMW and VAG Ediabas interpreter library2.0339
BlueBusA Bluetooth module for vehicles equipped with I-Bus2.070
moteusBrushless servo and quadrupedal robot2.0297
schematic-file-converterA python script that converts between schematic file formats2.028
maianaMAIANAâ„¢ is the first Open Source AIS transponder. It proudly raises an extra long middle finger to the marine electronics industry, government overregulation and everything else that gets in the way of innovation in this space.2.0159
pcsx-reduxLatest iteration on the PCSX emulator, heavily focused on development, debuggability, and reverse engineering.2.0198
F1-T12-858DSoldering station for hakko t12 tips + 858D rework2.067
SI4735SI473X Library for Arduino2.0250
armachatDoomsday LORA QWERTY communicator1.0108
Small-Shortwave-TransmitterCrystal and DDS Shortwave Trasmitter1.06
socitrackA wearable platform for social interaction studies1.010
m365_esp_dashboardXiomi M365 BLE dashboard replacement based on esp321.06
ot2Open source hardware documentation for the OT-2 liquid handling robot1.032
SPIneUP board / rasperry pi to quad CAN Bus1.059

Table updated on 2021-09-26.