Top 25 Trending EAGLE Repositories

Top 25 Eagle RepositoriesThis is a list of the top 25 trending repositories by Github star count containing EAGLE schematic files.
NameDescriptionStars in last 2 weeksStars
lalboardA 3D-printed keyboard inspired by the DataHand66.0408
ExpressLRSSTM32/ESP32/ESP8285 based High Performance Radio Link for Quads35.0491
armachatDoomsday LORA QWERTY communicator11.084
duckyPadDo-It-All Mechanical Macropad11.0437
cartreaderA shield for the Arduino Mega that can back up video game cartridges.10.0606
ediabaslib.NET BMW and VAG Ediabas interpreter library9.0294
kmk_firmwareClackety Keyboards Powered by Python8.0149
SI4735SI4735 Library for Arduino7.0191
moteusBrushless servo and quadrupedal robot6.0246
BaofengUV5R-TRRSTiny board that allows you to connect the Baofeng UV5R radio to a smartphone or other device that uses a TRRS connector for audio.5.0222
TriangleLightPanelFiles for "Nanoleaf" style connecting LED PCBs5.026
Adafruit_Learning_System_GuidesPrograms and scripts to display "inline" in Adafruit Learning System guides5.0451
Split-flap-displaySelfmade split flap display4.029
tms-rgbAn RGB adapter for TMS9928A and TMS9929A4.014
diy-stream-deckArduino code and icon templates for the DIY Stream Deck featured in Super Make Something Episode 224.062
SmartSpin2kTurn any spin bike with a resistance knob into a Smart Trainer!4.025
maianaMAIANAâ„¢ is the first-ever open source AIS transponder.4.0122
LowCostLoRaGwLow-cost LoRa IoT & gateway with SX12XX (SX1261/62/68; SX1272/76/77/78/79; SX1280/81), RaspberryPI and Arduino boards3.0582
chipwhispererChipWhisperer - the complete open-source toolchain for side-channel power analysis and glitching attacks3.0572
hakko_t12_stm32The soldering iron controller built on stm32 micro controller3.094
TuringMachineTuring Machine Mk 2 Main Module3.0124
HEG_ESP32HEGduino with ESP32: Hemoencephalography meets highly affordable IoT!3.054
rosco_m68kDesign, documentation and software for the Really Old School Computer (M68K)2.069

Table updated on 2021-04-11.