Top 25 Trending EAGLE Repositories

Top 25 Eagle RepositoriesThis is a list of the top 25 trending repositories by Github star count containing EAGLE schematic files.
NameDescriptionStars in last 2 weeksStars
armachatDoomsday LORA QWERTY communicator5.067
Synth-CircuitsEagle circuit designs for eurorack modular synthesizer3.05
gamecard-microsdmicroSD adapter for PlayStation Vita2.0234
WildOpenPCRDerivate of the OpenPCR Project1.010
oresat-acs-boardController PCB for OreSat reaction wheels and magnetorquers1.010
TuringMachineTuring Machine Mk 2 Main Module1.0116
Production-Electrical-SchematicElectrical Schematic for the Production Car1.02
RadioMusicVirtual Radio module for Eurorack1.0231
oresat-c3-rfRF Sub systems for the C3 board1.07
labs-cardsElectronic circuit patterns trading cards, from Arachnid Labs1.083
multiScanMultispectral scanning using a 3d printer1.04
lb-boardsland-boards - Board Designs1.09
rcstick-fWireless RC simulator USB dongle for Futaba S-FHSS protocol1.05
ardcoreBuilding docs, Hardware resources and Sketches updated to the new ardcore hardware1.010
BATT-PCBBattery Backer PCB's0.07
FSE-2018-ElectroRepository for all software, schematics and designs made by the Electrical Department of Vermilion Racing for the 2018 season..0.01
DEC_340Backup Design Files0.00
floss-jtagFree Libre Open-Source/-Hardware JTAG/UART adapter based on FTDI2232H0.029

Table updated on 2021-03-06.